Links to other Bicycle Lighting Sites

There are a tremendous number of bicycle lighting web sites. I have listed the ones which I consider to be the best and there are links to others on the first one I listed.

Mike Bentley's Bicycle Headlight Links

bikecurrent FAQ

Cycling At Night

Halogen-Bulb High-Powered Bike Lights

History of Electric Lighting Technology

Beam Pattern Comparison 1

Beam Pattern Comparison 2

Peter White Cycles

Bicycle Lights, One Cyclist's Approach to Being Seen at Night (from the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute)

Be Visible, Night and Day (from Ken Kifer's Bike Pages)

Audax Bicycle Lighting Resource Page (a lot of good information, but a lot of incorrect information as well)

Lighting Equipment from Harris Cyclery

Articles about Bicycle Commuting and Lighting by Sheldon Brown and Marty Goodman

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