Congratulations to Hung Wei and Kitty Moore.

If the current trends hold, and Hung Wei and Kitty Moore are elected, Cupertino voters have retained a 4-1 progressive, resident-centered, majority on City Council. This was unthinkable prior to 2016 when Cupertino had at least a 4-1 developer-controlled majority, and in 2016-2018, when we had a 3-2 developer-controlled majority.

While I am disappointed about losing, I am not unhappy or depressed. This was never about me. It was always about doing what was best for Cupertino and its residents. Serving four years on City Council, and two years as mayor, was an incredible honor and experience.

Sure, a 5-0 progressive, resident-centered majority is what we sought, but retaining a 4-1 majority, in light of the huge sums of money that special-interests poured into this election, is still something incredible to celebrate. I have no regrets about not accepting special-interest money, even though it was offered to me in obscene amounts.

The 4-1 resident-centered Council majority will continue to move Cupertino forward through the challenging times ahead, especially with regards to the 2023-2031 RHNA Cycle. Kitty Moore is scary smart and knowledgeable and will make an awesome City Council member. Darcy Paul, if selected as mayor in December as expected, will of course be a great mayor (again).

Some people have asked me about my future plans. I will continue to serve the City and will likely apply for a spot on one of the City Commissions. Yes, the usual progression is from a Commission to City Council, and not the other way around, but I have no delusions of grandeur.

I have not decided as to whether or not I will run again in 2022, but I am saving my yard signs! Please donít throw them away, I want them back.

Proudly NOT Endorsed or Funded by the Developer-Controlled Cupertino Chamber of Commerce and San Jose Mercury News, Special Interest Groups, YIMBYs or WIMBYs!

Steven Scharf for Cupertino City Council 2020 FPPC ID #1388099